Photographing Wild Brown Bear In Finland

As many may have noticed over the past couple of years I’ve frequently been working in Finland, on an exciting project following Europe’s largest land predator throughout the seasons, the Brown Bear. I’m finally pleased to announce all the hard work on this project has paid of in the shape of a new book, which I was commissioned on as a photographer.  

The book has been published by the Finnish company ‘Wild Brown Bear Centre’, and has been designed to showcase the possibilities of Bear photography in Finland throughout the seasons, along with factual information on the behaviour of Bears.

I couldn't have asked for a better first commission of my career, since as a young child I have always had an fascination for Bears, and hoped to one day observe this amazing apex predator in the wild. I was also lucky enough to work along some great photographers on this project, such as my good friend Harry Read who has also contributed images to the book.

I’d like thank the Wild Brown Bear Centre for giving me this amazing opportunity, and allowing me to work in one of Europe's most remote and untouched habitats, the Taiga forest. For these who's interested in photographing Brown Bear, Wolverine, and possibly Wolves too I can’t recommend the Wild Brown Bear Centre enough. The centre has some of the finest Hides in Finland, which offers spectacular views of Europe's apex predators.

To purchase this book please visit the following link: