Wildlife Photography Talks and Lectures


Kyle offer a range of photography talks throughout the UK which are suited to various organizations such as Photographic Clubs and Natural History Groups. Presenting a unique insight into his life as a young wildlife photographer, you can expect to find Kyle's talks extremely inspiring.

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Wildlife Photography Talk

Wild Britain

Kyle’s most popular talk ‘Wild Britain’, showcases some of his personal favourite images from the British Isles.

Ranging from the rugged and wind swept coastlines, to the urban streets of London, this talk offers a fascinating and inspirational look at the wonderful diversity of wildlife the UK haves to offer. This talk is interwoven with helpful tips and tricks for photographing wildlife.

Wildlife Photography Talks

Ghosts of the Forest

Take a behind-the-scenes look into one of Kyle’s most exciting projects, where he follows Europe’s largest apex predator throughout the seasons.

Kyle first arrived in the remote forests of Finland during the spring of 2015, just as the bears were emerging from their winters hibernation, and has continued to document their secretive lives throughout the seasons ever since. This talk gives a fascinating insight into the eventful lives of bear’s, and highlights the daily struggles these apex predators face.