As a wildlife photographer, I regularly present talks and presentations to organisations such as Photography Clubs, Natural History Groups and Wildlife Organisations to audiences of various sizes and demographics. Presenting a unique insight into my life as a nature photographer, you can expect to find my talks very informative and inspiring.



Wild Britain

Ranging from the rugged and wind swept coastlines, to the urban streets of London, this talk offers a fascinating and inspirational look at the wonderful diversity of wildlife the UK have to offer. This talk is interwoven with helpful tips and tricks for photographing wildlife.


Ghosts of the Forest (Joint Talk)

A unique opportunity to have BearPhoto founders Kyle Moore and Harry Read join your association for an inspiring presentation, as they share their adventures in Finland’s remote boreal wilderness. From their first encounters with bears, this presentation gives a unique and insightful view into the habits of Brown Bears throughout the seasons. This talk will include the photographic tips and techniques used to capture some of the pairs most iconic images, interwoven with engaging factual information about predator Biology. A behind the scenes look at the trials and errors faced when capturing images in this area of true wilderness. More info on:

Talk times are approximately 90-minutes, including a break mid-way.

Talk costs available on request. Please use the contact form or click the button below.