European Brown Bear - BBC Wildlife Online Gallery


Myself and good friend Harry Read are both really pleased to share with the BBC Wildlife Magazine (Online section) a gallery titled ‘A year in the life of European brown bears’ featuring images from our ongoing project in the remote Northern Boreal forests of Finland, where the country borders Russia.

Collectively we have spent around 2,000 hours in the field (the equivalent to 83 full 24hr-days), with the anticipation of our next bear sighting. It, therefore, goes without saying that at times this project has been very difficult and frustrating. From large males smashing my remote camera-trap, sweltering mid-summer heat, and below freezing temperatures during early spring. It has certainly been a challenge at times…

The online gallery can be viewed by clicking here.


How to Find and Photograph City Foxes - Nature TTL


Recently I was commissioned to write an article on photographing suburban foxes for the guys at Nature TTL, the leading online resource for nature photographers alike. The article highlights a number of tips and techniques for photographing urban foxes, particularly throughout the hours of darkness - of I’ve been working extensively on recently (images to be released soon).

The article is free to read and can be viewed by clicking here.


RSPCA Seal Of Approval

Seal Of Approval - RSPCA


Recently I was offered an amazing opportunity to spend the day with the amazing and enormously dedicated team members of the RSPCA East Winch Centre, based in Norfolk, UK. The aim of the day was to document the crew releasing 7 Grey Seals back into the wild, which had originally been brought into the centre for various unfortunate reasons during the winter months, shortly after being born along the exposed and windswept east coast. I felt enormously privileged to witness the release of the Seals, and was further privileged enough to release one of the Seals myself, which was an amazing moment and one that I certainly won't be forgetting anytime soon!


This was my first ever attempt at wildlife photojournalism, an area of photography I’ve always said I would really like to venture further into, as I strongly feel photography can be an important media for expanding public awareness of wildlife stories that needs sharing. Having no background in this genre I found the whole process a great pleasure and learning curve.


It's really difficult to portray a story through a body of still images and so I was really working hard in ensuring my work portrays the day through my eyes as an observer/photographer. Anyway I’ve finally got round to uploading a gallery to the website, which features the images/story of the day, this can be viewed by clicking HERE...

A special thanks must be said to the amazing workers at the RSPCA East Winch Centre for making the day such an enjoyable and privileged experience!