I am extremely pleased to announce as of 2017, myself and good friend Harry Read have partnered to co-found an exciting new photographic tour company with a difference… BearPhoto stands alone from other photographic tour companies, and this is because we specialise in only this family of apex predators. The BearPhoto journey started in the spring of 2015 when I undertook a photographic commission in the Finnish wilderness to document one of the most elusive species of Bear, the European Brown Bear. Unlike their North American cousins, this subspecies of the grizzly is extremely secretive, and so it was through the countless hours in hiding, observing this amazing creature that my passion for Bears was ignited. Having returned that same season during midsummer, with good friend and fellow photographer Harry Read, we were keen to once again be immersed in ‘bear country’ this time in the midst of Summer. The encounters we both experienced each night during that summer with these apex predators in such an untouched wild setting, gave us an overwhelming impulse to somehow share this amazing experience with fellow photographers. This was when the seed of thought was planted, leading to the creation of BearPhoto in late 2017.

After building a strong relationship with the team at Wild Brown Bear Ltd, we teamed up together to become the official UK partner as of 2017. Wishing to develop the brand further, we joined forces with renowned Swedish wildlife photographer and tour provider Magnus Fredriksson of Rovdjursland (PredatorLand). Magnus has been working extensively at our Finnish location for many years. Being photographers ourselves, we know exactly what is required for the perfect image, so through our close-knit collaboration with our Finnish partners we are able to continually develop new and exciting photographic opportunities in our own way - keeping every BearPhoto trip unique. Our team is extremely passionate about wildlife and photography, and through such partnerships, we offer BearPhoto clients exclusive deals, giving unbeatable value for money whilst maintaining the highest tour quality. Our small group size to guide ratio gives our trips a more personal bespoke feel with more one-to-one tuition.


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